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I Love Massachusetts

Posted by A Hamilton on May 11, 2008

Really, I do. It’s where I grew up. And Boston has got to be one of the best, if not THE best, city in the country.

But Massachusetts has a bad habit of electing corrupt, incompetent government. From $200 million high schools to release programs for felons who go on to rape children and kill cops, Massachusetts is all about governmental irresponsibility via well intentioned but misguided liberal policies.

I am in MA visiting right now. Last night I ran smack into a prime example of corruption and incompetence and I figured I would blog about it.

Last night I was driving north up I-93 into Boston. For those of you who don’t know Boston, I-93 is one of the two main highways into the city along with I-90. It’s a four lane highway both ways and feeds directly into the Big Dig. Anyway, the geniuses in our state government decided to block off two lanes north (into Boston) for “paving” for about (literally) 10 miles. This caused a massive traffic jam at 9 o’clock on a Saturday night, which I was privileged to sit in for 45 minutes.

(In green terms, that’s a lot of wasted gas and unnecessary emissions. For you economists out there, think of the opportunity cost to the economy (time wasted) of that traffic jam.)

The kicker with this particlar construction project was that, of course, there was no actual paving going on. Not one construction vehicle was even on site across the entire 10 miles, let alone actually paving anything.

That being said, every mile or so there was a state trooper parked with his lights flashing, on “detail” collecting overtime over whatever overtime they already collect on a Saturday night.

That’s corruption and incompetence for you.

This is what happens when you elect someone a candidate with no substance and clever rhetoric to chief executive office.


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